Christoph Striecks

Currently, I am a scientist in the cryptography group at the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology in Vienna, Austria.

My research focus lies mainly in the field of enhanced cryptographic building blocks with strong provable security guarantees such as Functional Encryption and its derivatives Identity-Based or Attribute-Based Encryption. On the application level, I am mainly interested in modern connected systems (e.g., the Internet of things, cloud computing, and distributed ledgers) with an emphasis on strong and versatile cryptographic features (e.g., forward secrecy and fine-grained encryption).

In 2015, I received my PhD in cryptography from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany under the supervision of Prof. Dennis Hofheinz with a focus on strong security guarantees for multi-instance encryption, digital signatures, and revocation schemes.

I am involved in standardization activities that include ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 27/WG 2, ASI ON-AG 001 27, and ETSI STF 529 within ETSI TC CYBER (on standardizing Attribute-Based Encryption for access control and data privacy). Furthermore, I am part of the ENISA List of Experts for field B: ICT Security Standardisation and Certification in category 1) Applied Cryptography (Algorithms, Protocols, Standards).

Recent News
  • 01/20: Attending ETSI TC CYBER meeting.
  • 11/19: Invited to the ENISA List of Experts.
  • 09/19: Invited highlight-paper on rewritable blockchains at Advances in Financial Technologies 2019.
  • 09/19: Talk on Attribute-Based Encryption at Graz Security Days for Industry 2019.
  • 05/19: Accepted submission on group signatures to ARES 2019.
  • 02/19: Attending NDSS 2019.

  • Research Projects
    COMP4DRONES (2019-2022, EU Horizon 2020), SECREDAS (2018-2021, EU Horizon 2020), IoT4CPS (2017-2020, FFG and BMVIT), PRISMACLOUD (2015-2018, EU Horizon 2020), CREDENTIAL (2015-2018, EU Horizon 2020).

    Program-committee participations
    IMACC 2019, IFIP Summer School 2019.

    Reviewing activities
    PKC 2020, CRYPTO 2019, EuroS&P 2018, PKC 2018, SAC 2017, PKC 2017, ASIACRYPT 2016, PKC 2016, ASIACRYPT 2015.

    Dr. Christoph Striecks
    Center for Digital Safety & Security
    Phone +43 664 8251141
    Giefinggasse 4
    1210 Vienna, Austria