(Since 2018.)

09/2019: Attribute-Based Encryption for Strong Access-Control. Graz Security Days for Industry 2019, Graz, Austria. (Part of a workshop on Future-Proof Communication Security with Sebastian Ramacher and Daniel Slamanig.)

02/2019: Fine-Grained and Controlled Rewriting in Blockchains: Chameleon-Hashing Gone Attribute-Based. NDSS 2019, San Diego, USA. (Slides, video.)

10/2018: Attribute-Based Encryption for Access Control and Personal Data Protection. Webinar with Fran├žois Ambrosini for ETSI TC CYBER.

10/2018: Bloom Filter Encryption and Applications to Efficient Forward-Secret Key Exchange. Research Seminar at ISG RHUL, London, UK. (Visiting Martin Albrecht.)

09/2018: Trust in Chained Blocks. Graz Security Days for Industry 2018, Graz, Austria.

06/2018: Attribute-Based Encryption for Data Access Control in the IoT: a Newly Standardized Mechanism. ETSI Security Week 2018, Sophia Antipolis, France.

03/2018: Revisiting Proxy Re-Encryption: Forward Secrecy, Improved Security, and Applications. PKC 2018, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.